Rossignol Marion Graphic and Digital Designer
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I specialize in


Renewing myself constantly while remaining attentive to the trends in order to propose quality and originals ideas and to best suit your needs

Graphic Design

From sketch to the realization on computer, comfortable with visual identities, communication campaigns and advertising.

Web Design

Design and production of websites, content maintenance and optimization of interfaces. UX / UI design too.


Great interest in the fine arts and the production of many imaginary or realistic universe. Able to work the paint, wood, leather, and manage book finishes.


Equipped with Canon Eos 600D, ability to capture images of events or products, delivered all natural or retouched by computer.


Preparation of videoshooting, storyboarding and editing as well. accustomed to the technique of stop motion.

Check out my recent works

I have been doing graphic design since 2010 and I had the chance to be part of wonderful projects,
wether it was during my formation than during intership abroad. More than focus only on designing appealing images,
it’s all about creating visual communication solutions that represent the values and identity of brand/society/event.
If you want to learn more about me