About - Rossignol Marion
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Design & me

I am Marion Rossignol, a french Digital Designer,
currently working at the award winning digital and social media agency: Influence digital

I attended a four-years program at Axe Sud Design School of Toulouse where I obtained a Master degree in Graphic Design.
Upon graduation I joined a working program for the World Cinema Festival of Sherbrooke in Canada as a Graphic Designer
and had the opportunity to work for the Wold Traditions Festival of Sherbrooke remotely from France as a freelance Designer.

Strong of this experience abroad I decided to move to London in February 2016 and have been working for the global streaming company We Are Colony as a Communication Designer for about 10 months creating visual assets (for social medias, website or print) showcasing every movie’s universe and specificity while staying in the following of the company’s brand guidelines.

Currently, I am part of the Design team at Influence Digital as a Digital Designer working on a very wide and various range of clients, creating engaging content such as videos, web app and social campaigns. Being part of a very creative and dynamic team passionate about pushing the boundaries of design in the Era of interactive technologies.



Curious and full of interest, I try to renew myself constantly



Happiness and humor are my mojos in everyday life



Investment is the key to my professional development



I am ready to spread my wings to the other end of the world

Here you can check my latest creations and experimentations